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Google shows Off L preview at i/o

Google Showed of its next big thing the L Preview to developers today at Google i/o 2014 . Google Kicked off the event with the tag line “Every little bit matters. Here’s to what you build next” . 

Sundar Pichai Took the stage and gave some interesting stats about what google has been up to over the last year . “We wanted to take a radical new approach to design” said sundar Pichai and showed off new  Android one for brands like Micromax , Karbonn, Spice to improve Android experience a lot better and also economical . He later gave a preview of the next Android to developer which the google called the “L” Preview .

Google has brought it many enhancements all over the board  . The new  design is called  material design .

Later Durate took the stage and talked about defining grids and other design tools that will help apps to move more gracefully across platforms. That’s always a huge problem on Android, as we’ve seen from many apps having less than ideal versions on tablets.  Roboto also getting updated and optimised “for your watch” he says…and other platforms. He also shows off new Nested scrolling which is similar to the user translucency of the Apple’s iOS but with bit more graphical UI .
We’re watching the changes from Gmail today to Gmail of tomorrow: bolder colors, grids in dev used to create alignment without actual lines in the finished product.
mail icon
There is an improvement all over the UI and all the core features are updated
core features
Google is now extending its developer support for Polymer to the Web as well, that should make for easy porting and extensions online for devs.
Google showed off its new dialer  in the all new  material theme .
Later Burke talked about the  user experience and interface . He said it has been redesigned in every corner to make it more elegant and beautiful.The new Material redesigns is  coming to all Google services “over the summer”
The new L is ART based . It has a new Garbage Collector which makes app run more smoothly and elegantly .This is Big improvements, with fewer pauses between switching apps , which is one of the major areas of concern for the androiders.  Best of all it is also 64 it compatible which makes it even more useful feature .
64 bit
There is a big improvement to the notifications which google dubs as  “Enhanced Notifications .” Now you can check Notifications right from Lockscreen  and  answer or reply right from Lockscreen .
lockscreen notifications
There is Better memory management, no changes to Java though in the new Android .
Google then Showed off New Android Extension Pack coming in L. A set of features to help with tessellation, shaders, and texture compression, Burke says.
android extension pack
Next is Battery life . There are many improvements all over the board for better Battery life . New  Wi-Fi, cellular antennas, displays, etc. showed that they made  a series of improvements for battery life . They showed off something called ” Project volta ” to improve battery life .
project volta
“Enough battery life for a long protest” Jokes the speaker after a woman distracted The Google i/o who was later moved out by other colleagues .
“Universal data controls” is another new feature which helps to Manage important data shared from devices like location history.Sundar comes back to stage and gives a  bit vague about “factory reset protection” — just saying that people can reset their phones remotely. Watch icon shows up on multiple screen graphic – TV, home, phone, car, and watch.

New API in Google Play services coming .  Google announces 5000 + new API’s  for developers .
5000 new apis
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